Let’s Talk: Conversational Software Development

Here’s number 12 in the series on LLM-assisted coding over at The New Stack: Let’s Talk: Conversational Software Development

I keep coming back to the theme of the first article in this series: When the rubber duck talks back. Thinking out loud always helps. Ideally, you get to do that with a human partner. A rubber duck, though a poor substitute, is far better than nothing.

Conversing with LLMs isn’t like either of these options, it’s something else entirely; and we’re all in the midst of figuring out how it can work. Asking an LLM to write code, and having it magically appear? That’s an obvious life-changer. Talking with an LLM about the code you’re partnering with it to write? I think that’s a less obvious but equally profound life-changer.

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