The WordPress plugin for ActivityPub

I turned on the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. On the left: my current Mastodon account at On the right: my newly-AP-augmented WordPress account. While making the first AP-aware blog post I thought I’d preserve the moment.

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3 thoughts on “The WordPress plugin for ActivityPub

    1. TBH I’m not sure whether/how I’ll use it. I got a nice jolt of the old good RSS feeling, but very much tempered by a) AP is too hard for a thousand flowers to bloom, and b) a dominant WordPress in the space brings back the bad feeling of Google Reader. I think I’ll stay at for now.

      That said, it’s really well done, I applaud the work and vision that went into it, and will keep an open mind about the possibilities.

      1. WP/Automattic as Dominant Player yes, that fits. I have been running the WP RSS reader in parallel with Feedly, just as a safety. It’s good to know AP is getting implemented, and is implementable as intended. Making it discoverable, and serendipitous and FUN, like FB and old skool Twitter might one day help the blooms take hold.

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