How LLMs teach you things you didn’t know you didn’t know

Here’s #9 in the new series on LLM-assisted coding over at The New Stack:
Learning While Coding: How LLMs Teach You Implicitly

LLMs can deliver just-in-time knowledge tailored to real programming tasks; it’s a great way to learn about coding idioms and libraries.

As I mentioned on Mastodon, I know we are in a hype cycle, and I’m trying to report these findings in a quiet and matter-of-fact way. But when Greg Lloyd played this quote back to me, I got excited all over again.

This is the kind of tacit knowledge transfer that can happen when you work with another person, you don’t explicitly ask a question, and your partner doesn’t explicitly answer it. The knowledge just surfaces organically, and transfers by osmosis.

I’m certain this augmented way of learning will carry forward in some form, and improve the learning experience in other domains too.

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