When it’s cold in New England, thoughts turn to alternative home heating

I started this WordPress incarnation of my blog in late 2007. On this day in 2009 I published  one of the most-read posts here: Central heating with a wood gasification boiler. WordPress stats have shown me that interest has been seasonal. When it’s winter in the northeastern US, people still heating with oil imagine alternatives. As a result, more people find their way to that post than do in summer.

Would this year’s freaky warmth depress that historical wintertime interest in the article? That’s what I expected to find, and this chart appears to confirm it.


Of course interest in the blog has declined in general over that period, because I’ve put less effort into writing and promoting it. But if we chart another perennial favorite, Why Guiness tastes better in Ireland, there’s no downward trend:


So I think the temperature correlation is valid. And I predict the orange curve on the first chart will trend upward when there’s another cold winter in the Northeast.

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One thought on “When it’s cold in New England, thoughts turn to alternative home heating

  1. Jon, you will be please to know that the interior air panels for windows are now being made and installed with the “community build” model here in Maine by the Window Dressers organization http://windowdressers.org/ . They have been making and installing air panels for the past five years, and last year did over 5,000 (no exaggeration). Here’s a video:

    (I tried posting this with your past blog on interior air panel, but couldn’t get the message to “take.”)
    John Leeke, Portland, Maine

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