The ebb and flow of curbside free stuff

We’re selling our house and unloading a ton of stuff. After many yard sales and many Craigslist postings, there’s still plenty to get rid of. In our town there’s a strong tradition of curbside giveaway. You just put stuff out on the treelawn and it vanishes. This animated GIF documents that process over a period of three days. (You can click it to enlarge the view.)

The kickboxing bag only lasted a few minutes. The kitty litter bins took a few days but eventually they went too. Fun!

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5 thoughts on “The ebb and flow of curbside free stuff

  1. We moved about 15 years ago and our move-out date happened to fall on the day that the city trash service held their semi-annual “big item” day. Basically, one could put out anything not toxic or dangerous, and the truck would take it. We put out a number of boxes of books and sundries, furniture, carpet, toys, tools, pet accessories, and trash. People were combing the neighborhood for “treasures” and would take a box out of my hand as I came out of the garage.

    Our pile included four metal folding chairs in good shape. In the morning, we found them gone, but in their place was a more beat up set. The scavenger had upgraded!

  2. We do use Freecycle, but in this case there’s so much random stuff, and it disappears so quickly, that there’s been little need for it. Sometimes we put out a “curb alert” to Freecycle when there’s something that might be of particular interest to someone.

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