John Faughnan nails the spec for the defensive cycle-cam

In Defensive surveillance for cyclists I made a LazyWeb request for a helmet-mounted camera that can strongly identify passing vehicles. John Faughnan isn’t in a position to satisfy that request, so he did the next best thing: he refined the specification.

That makes at least two customers. How many more, I wonder? If only there were a way to make the demand visible.

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7 thoughts on “John Faughnan nails the spec for the defensive cycle-cam

  1. Hi Jon, neat to see the f/u post!

    Since you did send me the note, I should clarify for readers than Jon is using my (c) “Real Name”. We’ve corresponded since a was a fan of his back in the BYTE days (I still miss that rag.).

    I write the blog under a pseudonym, but Jon knows I’m good with using my real name here. It’s just mildly confusing :-).

  2. Between Craigslist and, you should be able to get it done fairly inexpensively. You just want a camera looping to flash, right? Eventually that will burn out the flash, but presumably you want the data to survive battery disconnection events.

  3. Can we add a paint tagger to the mix? Something to mark the vehicle for police to identify.

  4. Fascinating on multiple levels, and now I have a new blog to add to the “amazing stories” list. Two entries in to “Gordon’s Notes” and I’m already hooked, particularly by the one on genius, madness, strange loops, and aging. Yes, all by coincidence, not.

  5. Did you see the update to the entry with the link to ?

    A few cars got that bit too close to me the other day, and reminded me of this topic.

    While waiting for technology to catch up, I wondered if a warning might help ? In the UK there’s a very well known sign warning of traffic cameras in the area

    I thought about getting a cycling top with this on the back – the idea being to give the impression that I have a camera on-board (even if I don’t).

    That or a “Wide Vehicle” sign perhaps :)

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