Keene Public Library joins Flickr Commons

Yesterday the Flickr blog announced that the Keene Public Library has joined the Flickr commons. I’ve been watching the library’s photo stream for a few years now, as its archive of historical photos and postcards and has been steadily and carefully uploaded, described, cataloged, and tagged.

Last weekend I went rock climbing with some friends at the Stone Arch Bridge and wondered what it looked like when the trains ran. Here’s a postcard that answers the question.

Postcard of the Cheshire Railroad Bridge (Stone Arch Bridge) in Keene New Hampshire, also called the Keystone Arch Bridge. The bridge had a 90 foot span and was 60 feet high at the center of the arch.

“An enduring example of the excellence which characterized the construction of the Cheshire Railroad. It was designed by Lucian Tilton. The stone came from a quarry on the Thompson farm, within a half-mile of the bridge. The keystone was set Dec.9, 1846. The removal of the original parapet and the substitution of an iron railing has detracted somewhat from its beauty.”

This postcard says “Largest Stone Arch in New England.”


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