Perspectives, a new interview series, launches today

Today I’m launching a new Microsoft-oriented interview series called Perspectives. The show will touch on a variety of topics including robotics, digital identity, e-science, and social software. I’ll be speaking mostly with passionate Microsoft innovators, and sometimes also with key partners from academia and industry.

The format is an audio podcast and a blog, where the blog provides a partial (but substantial) text transcription in order to make these conversations accessible to folks who don’t listen to podcasts, and also to expose them to the Net’s ecosystem of search, linking, and aggregation. Where appropriate, I’ll also use screencasts to show software in action.

Perspectives runs on the same publishing platform that supports Channel 10 (for enthusiasts), Channel 8 (for students), TechNet Edge (for IT pros), and VisitMIX (for Web designers and developers). (Channel 9, the original site, will migrate to this platform too.) Perspectives intersects with the interests of all these sites, but it doesn’t really belong in any of them, so we’ve created an independent home for it. Thanks to the EvNet team, especially Duncan Mackenzie, David Shadle, and Jeff Sandquist, for making that happen.

The first episode, with Henrik Nielsen and Tandy Trower, explores the Microsoft Robotics initiative. We discuss why robotics is — as futurist Paul Saffo believes — a Next Big Thing. And Henrik and Tandy explain how the concurrency and decentralized-services infrastructure that supports the robotics platform is broadly relevant in an era of loosely-coupled services.

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