Why oil heat? Because it’s local!

Well, that was a nice change of pace. Back in the land of the “wintry mix” — rain/sleet/snow — the first thing that caught my eye was a full-page ad in the local paper promoting the benefits of oil heat. Sponsored by the Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire, and featuring local icon Fritz Weatherbee wearing his trademark bowtie, the ad is a mosaic of smiling faces with captions like:

“New technology reduced my oil consumption by 25%.”

“Oil heat is safe.”

“It’s local. My oil heat dealer is also my neighbor.”

“Budgeting programs make oil heat affordable.”

“Oil heat made it easier to sell our home.”

I guess the emerging alternatives are being taken seriously. You’ve gotta love the rhetoric. Oil is local? Should’ve put that on the top ten list.

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