Undisclosed location

For the next 8 or so days I will be at an undisclosed location. The following items will be absent from the scene:

  • ice
  • snow
  • the internet

The following items will be present:

  • sun
  • sea
  • books
  • music
  • rum

11 thoughts on “Undisclosed location”

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  2. Jon,
    You deserve a nice vacation. But, cheeze, as soon as you are off the job and out of town they go off and start fooling around with Yahoo. Amazon even took the opportunity to sneak up and grab Audible. Don’t leave too often or there will only be 4 companies left, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple. ;-) Jim

  3. And also while you were gone.
    Infoworld article via Yahoo 2-4-08
    “… Yahoo has the most beautiful set of [APIs] in its properties,” such as for the Flickr photo-sharing site, said James Governor, an analyst with RedMonk. “But frankly, it just has not done a great job of building an ecosystem … there’s no such thing as a ‘Yahoo developer.'”

    Yahoo’s tools hold promise but really need a high-profile evangelist pushing hard behind them, Governor argued. “The first thing I would do in taking over the company would be to get someone who really understands APIs … to me, Jon Udell — who is now at Microsoft — would be ideal in this role. He would be someone I would be thinking of right away,” he said. …”
    Just does not pay to be out of town ;-)

  4. “what books you’re reading”

    Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden (again, recommended)

    Jack London, Martin Eden (weird semi-autobiography, not recommended)

    Patrick O’Brian, Desolation Island (not usually my cup of tea, but I liked it)

    Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines (finally, after all these years. it’s amazing)

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