Wellington bound

It is a long way from New Hampshire to New Zealand, where I’ll be speaking at the GOVIS conference in Wellington on Friday. A really long way, it’s dawning on me, as I prepare to leave on Monday afternoon in order to arrive (just past the International Date Line) on Wednesday afternoon. But hey, it’s doable thanks to 747s and laptop computers and MP3 players. Imagine making that trip 100 years ago!

I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand, so I’ll be taking some time to look around after the conference. If topics emerge that fit the themes of this blog, and if network access permits, I’ll blog them. Otherwise it’s likely to be quiet here for a while.

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9 thoughts on “Wellington bound

  1. Welcome to our little island down south, make sure you get some time to take in the sights.

  2. Hey Jon if you have any time in Auckland either on your way to or back from Wellington and you want someone to show you around don’t hestitate to let me know…


  3. What a horrible flight especially for anyone over six foot tall. I hope you’re going business class. Once you get there it will all be worth it. It is the most amazing place.

    I’m sure you’ll catch a connecting flight from Auckland to Wellington, but you must hire a car and drive back up to Auckland for the return flight. Make sure to stop in at Lake Taupo and Rotorua. If you were going south, the ferry ride to Picton is an experience. If you only see Wellington and Auckland, you had a good trip. If you’re able to get out of the urban areas, you’ll have an AWESOME trip.

    Have a great visit and remember to drive on the wrong side of the road. Everyone else will be.

  4. See if you can get an interview with the folks with ProjectX Technologies in Wellington. They’re doing the Zopto mapping project in New Zealand and Australia. Ben Nolan was heard from Where 2.0 on the ITC podcast.

    ProjectX Technology Ltd.
    Level 4
    25a Marion Street
    Phone: +64 4 381 4484
    Fax: +64 4 803 3347
    Email: info@projectx.co.nz

    They seem like innovators to me.

  5. “..in Auckland…” Thanks, but this intinerary is Sdyney Wellington, so I’ll probably tour the south part of the north island, maybe cross over on the ferry for a day or two.

  6. Welcome to Wellington Jon! We met briefly at OSCON 2003 in Harvard and had some interesting discussions on CMSs and your Practical Internet Groupware book. Also discussed an interview/screencast about Moodle and Learning mgmt systems just before you changed jobs.

    If you have a moment for a coffee — and need some internet connectivity, give me a call on +64 21 364 017. I may be able to lend you a G3 card that will give you good internet connection while over here.

    I’m flying to Melbourne on Friday midday though.

  7. If you’re coming as far South as Kaikoura (or ideally, down to Christchurch) love to meet up, have coffee, and show you the Interclue Firefox addon – it’s definitely the sort of thing you’d be interested in, and we’ve got an IE7 version not far off Alpha too. The folks at Kiwi Foo camp thought it was pretty wizzo. We’re launching Wednesday Morning (New Zealand Time). You can get me on +64 21 784409 btw if you want a fab place to stay in Kaikoura with good wifi I can hook you up.

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