TypeScript Successes and Failures

My last post buried the lead, so I’ll hoist it to the top here: I’ve left Microsoft. While I figure out what my next gig will be, I’ll be doing some freelance writing and consulting. My first writing assignment will be an InfoWorld feature on TypeScript. It’s an important technology that isn’t yet well understood or widely adopted. I made two efforts to adopt it myself. The first, almost a year ago, didn’t stick. The second, a few weeks ago, did.

I’ll reflect on those experiences in the article. But I’m also keen to mine other perspectives on why TypeScript adoption fails or succeeds. And I’m particularly interested to hear about experiences with TypeScript toolchains other than Visual Studio. If you have perspectives and experiences to share, please drop a note here or to jon at jonudell.info.

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3 thoughts on “TypeScript Successes and Failures

  1. Jon,

    Congratulations! I’m always pleased to see people making these sorts of decisions, which never are easy. Onwards.

  2. Looking forward to your article, Jon! I admit that I’d not heard of TypeScript and was excited that you might be writing about typography … until a quick web search showed me it was another usage of “type”. :-) While I’m not in the Windows world any more, I do look forward to learning more about what is happening with TypeScript and how it differs from “traditional” JavaScript (I have some sense of that from the articles I briefly read).

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