The personal cloud series

In today’s column on I discuss ways to manage overlapping personal, team, and public calendars.

It’s the 21st in the series, here’s the whole list:

The future’s here, but unevenly distributed 2012-03-02
Kynetx pioneers the Live Web 2012-03-09
What’s in a name? In the cloud, a data service! 2012-03-16
The translucent cloud: balancing privacy and convenience 2012-03-23
The not-so-hidden risk of a cloud meltdown, and why I’m not so worried 2012-03-30
Picture this: hosted lifebits in the personal cloud 2012-04-06
The intentional cloud: say what you mean, become what you say 2012-04-20
Owning your words: personal clouds build professional reputations 2012-04-27
Your smart meter’s data belongs in your personal cloud 2012-05-04
The web is the cloud’s API 2012-05-18
Calendars in the cloud: no more copy and paste 2012-06-01
Publishing has perished: long live the personal cloud 2012-06-08
The personal cloud’s third dimension: webmakers 2012-06-22
Personal cloud as platform: mix and match wisely 2012-06-29
Cooperating services in the cloud 2012-07-13
A domain of one’s own 2012-07-27
I say movie, you say film, our personal clouds can still work together 2012-08-12
Hello personal cloud, goodbye fax 2012-08-31
From personal clouds to community clouds 2012-09-14
Why Johnny can’t syndicate 2012-10-09
Scoping the visibility of your personal cloud 2012-10-19
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