Dream slack key for Father’s Day

I guess because I lost my own dad a few years ago, I was really moved by Sunday’s outpouring of Father’s Day sentiment. On Twitter, on Facebook, on blogs, everywhere you looked online you found people sharing an “I miss my dad” moment. Then today, while searching YouTube for renditions of a beautiful Hawaiian slack key guitar tune I’m learning, called Moe ‘Uhane, I found this wonderful version. And even better, this comment:

I was there when he taped this on my little tape recorder back in the 80’s. I was sleeping and woke up to find him playing still in his pj’s. Miss my dad. Thanks for representing. Sounds awesome!

– Mahina Chillingworth

Sweet! The tune came to Sonny Chillingworth in a dream, and then his dreaming daughter woke up to hear him recording it.

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