Hat tip to Joshua Allen’s Better Living Through Software

Here’s another piece of Say Everything that I want to spotlight:

Microsoft wasn’t known as a haven of openness and cooperation. But it was a big place with a lot of smart people. At the turn of the millenium, during the company’s bitter antitrust fight with the U.S. Department of Justice, many of those people found it impossible to recognize themselves in the press’s portrait of the company. The first programmer at Microsoft to start blogging, Joshua Allen, set himself up with an account on Dave Winer’s EditThisPage service in 2000 and started posting under the header “Better Living Through Software: Tales of Life at Microsoft.” It was totally informal and unauthorized — a lone call for a parley raised from behind the company’s siege walls. Allen explained his intent: “I wanted to say that I am a Microsoft person and you can talk with me.”

I used to read Joshua’s blog back then, I still read it now, it was nice to see its seminal role acknowledged in the book.

Here’s a picture of the blog’s home page, annotated by the ClearForest Gnosis entity extractor:

Quite a cast of characters!

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