Status of my InfoWorld archive

I’ve collected the original URLs of articles and columns I wrote for InfoWorld at Almost all are now live again, albeit redirected, after having been scrambled in the recent site reorg.

Still missing in action is my blog from that era. I have the whole thing in a clean XHTML archive that I can easily republish to my own namespace. However, since the articles and the blog essays cross-reference one another, I’m still hoping that the blog will reappear at its old namespace — underneath — so that the cross-referencing will still work in both directions.

If the blog doesn’t resurface at its original namespace soon, I’ll go ahead and migrate it to mine.

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6 thoughts on “Status of my InfoWorld archive

  1. Hey Jon!

    Read your LSA article. Couldn’t agree with you more. We need to share what we know and expand our wealth of knowledge. Glad to see that you are doing well!


  2. Hi Jon! I love your heavy metal umlaut screencast and I have been using it in my class but now it seems to have disappeared from every link that I can find. inforworld moved it and I dont see it on your archive page Can you help?

  3. Hi Jon,

    I’m a little shocked that infoworld have done this… Particularly ironic, given your ongoing concern over the ephemeral nature of the web.

    Anyway, I’ve tagged on delicious some of the energy articles which still appear to be missing from your HTML file:

    I’d suggest your readers should tag any articles of yours which are not in the list with the tags ‘jonudell’ & ‘nolink’.

    Also is there a reason you chose not to manage this list through delicous?

    Thanks again for trying to rectify this!

  4. Hi Jon, I also am surprised and disappointed that InfoWorld would remove your materials. I’d think they’d value the traffic it surely continues to generate. And I know my wife and I also have used your Heavy Metal Umlaut screencast in classes… Sigh.

    Have you discussed with InfoWorld? Was it removed intentionally and without regret? Will they restore it or provide redirects? Right now InfoWorld does still link to and reference the Umlaut screencast (but the link goes somewhere else vs. the screencast) —

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