My rationalization for buying a Wii Balance Board

This week’s ITConversations show features a cameo appearance by my wife Luann, who came home a couple of weeks ago raving about the Wii Balance Board that she’d been using in physical therapy. I talked with Luann about how her therapists, Anna Domyancic and Darren Gerber, are using the Balance Board — and the Wii Fit software — to help retrain her proprioceptors. Then I visited Keene Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine where Anna gave me a demo of their Wii setup and talked about how and why physical therapists are adopting the technology.

I still haven’t bought one, but there are 6 shopping days until Christmas so there’s plenty of time.

14 thoughts on “My rationalization for buying a Wii Balance Board”

  1. Good luck finding one. Amazon Marketplace shows them starting at $147 ($90 retail, when available).

  2. I have a 750 sq foot garage that doubles as my car shop & hobbies area and just needing a heater to heat the garage for when the winter comes again this year. Last year my old space heaters quit working at the end of the year so I need to get them replaced. Any suggestions?

  3. I’ve been tired of MW2.. I can’t wait for Black Ops! I just registered to get my copy of Call of Duty Black Ops before release… yeaaa!!

    The single player FFA modes are gonna be sooo sick!

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