My rationalization for buying a Wii Balance Board

This week’s ITConversations show features a cameo appearance by my wife Luann, who came home a couple of weeks ago raving about the Wii Balance Board that she’d been using in physical therapy. I talked with Luann about how her therapists, Anna Domyancic and Darren Gerber, are using the Balance Board — and the Wii Fit software — to help retrain her proprioceptors. Then I visited Keene Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine where Anna gave me a demo of their Wii setup and talked about how and why physical therapists are adopting the technology.

I still haven’t bought one, but there are 6 shopping days until Christmas so there’s plenty of time.

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14 thoughts on “My rationalization for buying a Wii Balance Board

  1. Good luck finding one. Amazon Marketplace shows them starting at $147 ($90 retail, when available).

  2. Thanks Jon. It would be good to hear more episodes like this where you go out into the community and report on what real people are doing with technology.

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