21st century Yankee ingenuity

Serendipity brought me a copy of this article on Jock Gill’s vision of small-scale grass farming operations. He thinks they’ll be able to produce biomass fuel, in a sustainable and decentralized way, for local production of heat and power. We had a long talk about this, and related themes, which will appear in two upcoming episodes of my Innovators show. Meanwhile, this paragraph from the article keeps echoing in my head:

He said a high school student in Morrisville has completed a successful prototype of a green wood chip combustion unit that can produce 50,000 BTUs of heat per hour. Gill said the student is confident his system could also burn dry grass tablets.

Good old Yankee ingenuity, in other words, hasn’t yet run its course. As we reconfigure our energy systems, that latent talent will flourish again.

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