A conversation with Deepak Singh about science in the web 2.0 era

For this week’s Interviews with Innovators show I spoke with Deepak Singh. This interview extends what has become an ongoing series of discussions with folks who are applying the principles of web 2.0 to the practice of science. This was, of course, the original purpose of web 1.0.

Other Innovators shows on this topic include conversations with Joel Selanikio about epidemiological data collection, Barbara Aronson about giving poor countries free subscriptions to biomedical journals, and Timo Hannay about the impressive stream of online innovations that’s flowing from the Nature Publishing Group.

My new Perspectives series has also explored this theme of Net-enabled science. There, I’ve talked with Catharine van Ingen and Dennis Baldocchi about collaborative analysis of atmospheric C02 data, and with Pablo Fernicola about using Word to produce scientific articles in the National Library of Medicine’s XML format.

6 thoughts on “A conversation with Deepak Singh about science in the web 2.0 era”

  1. Jon

    Thanks for asking me on for the podcast. I hope your listeners get a snapshot of some of the things going on in the life sciences and what the web can do.

    I suspect that we’ll end up saying much the same about web x.0. Perhaps the better way to cast it (for all of us in the trenches) is to recognize that it’s not that the old ways were necessary bad, but that the new ways offer new opportunities and allow us to break old habits.

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