Code4Lib 2008

I’ve interviewed a couple of people who attended and/or spoke at last year’s Code4Lib conference: Art Rhyno, and Beth Jefferson. Code4Lib brings together IT-oriented librarians, and library-oriented IT folk, to create what seems like a truly unique event. I’m really looking forward to attending Code4Lib 2008 next week in Portland, where, as an adopted member of this strange tribe, I’ll be giving a talk on Thursday morning.

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2 thoughts on “Code4Lib 2008

  1. I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms, Jon, I can’t be there this year but I feel confident that you will quickly be at home with the rituals of the library tech tribe as they gather and tell their stories.

  2. Appreciated your talk. Would you post the slides? I’d use them in creating the video.

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