Advice for digital immigrants

I’m trying something new on a separate blog:

The idea is to build a bridge between the digital natives who read me here, and the digital immigrants who might read me there.

I really don’t know if this will work, but I’m hoping immigrants — some of whom may be your friends and relatives — can help me do the experiment and find out.

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3 thoughts on “Advice for digital immigrants

  1. Your stories from the other side are fun and strike a very close to home chord. At least you did not have to help your Mom over the phone.
    If only the manufacturers (eg Microsoft and whoever did the ecommerce site) listened to the Customer Service Reps (you for your Mom) maybe the situation would improve. Maybe the owner of the site needs to have some influence as it would affect their bottom line but how to get their attention. But I am not sure they are listening. Sorry to say. What can we do to help? Insist on better design in all that you do. It pays off but is discouraging. Have you ever given a suggestion to a customer service person that was actually processed? Vote with your feet (and pocketbook) when you can’t influence the design otherwise. Jim

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