“This is a characteristic associated with Lithium Ion batteries”

The Casio Exilim I bought for my wife just arrived. Dropped it into the charging cable and…blinking red light. Won’t charge.

Called the Casio rep, told her the symptom, and she spoke the title of this blog entry.

Me: “And that ‘characteristic’ would be a tendency to be dead on arrival?

She: “Um, basically, yes. We’ll send you another one.”

Glad it wasn’t somebody’s Christmas present.

2 thoughts on ““This is a characteristic associated with Lithium Ion batteries””

  1. You know, this is a case of “evangelism” gone bad … everyone working for a company is an evangelist for the company (you and I happen to share the actual title within Microsoft). Being positive is part of that role … but when something breaks, come on! Just admit it and fix it!

    Once in a while, you just have to say “Oops, sorry about that. Let’s see what we can do to get that fixed for you.”


  2. Lol, I have that problem, too. I just read it up here


    and they say some pretty interesting stuff. Of course, I’ve had my Exilim for a long time (just over a year by a month), so they’re probably not going to send me a free replacement. I’m just not buying anymore Exilims or Lithium Ion Battery-charged shit. Canon is the way to go. But man, that pisses me off. Makes me feel like an idiot.

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