New home for LibraryLookup bookmarklet generator

I’ve been continuing to receive requests to update the LibraryLookup bookmarklet generator which, since it’s hosted at InfoWorld, I can no longer maintain. So took a snapshot at, and I’ll make updates there. Today, thanks to Betsy Ptak, I added support for a newer version of PowerPac.

While I was at it, I resolved a longstanding annoyance. On Firefox, I was never able to figure out how to ensure that the lookup window would open in front of the current window. Turns out that Michael Moncur found a workaround over two years ago. Apparently it’s still needed in the current version of Firefox, so I rolled it into the generator.

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One thought on “New home for LibraryLookup bookmarklet generator

  1. Glad my old scripting trick is still useful. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to do it now, but I still preface all of my bookmarklets with this.

    Also, the bug is fixed in the Firefox trunk (for the 3.0 release).

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