A conversation with Beth Kanter about social software and non-profit organizations

My guest for this week’s ITConversations show is Beth Kanter. We share a common interest in showing people how and why to use social software. In this conversation Beth reflects on her work with “digital immigrants” in non-profit organizations. The cornucupia of free services is a blessing for these organizations. But even when financial hurdles are stripped away, conceptual hurdles remain. Helping people to understand what’s possible, and to exploit online services in appropriate ways, is both a great challenge and a great opportunity.


  1. I found a link to this interview and followeed it because of Beth Kanter. It was a great interview. But I was as impressed with your questions and reflections as I was with Beth’s comments. I’m happy to say I’m now one of your subscribers.

    Virginia from http://www.webteacher.ws and also my wordpress login (first 50) where you’ll note we like the same wordpress theme :)

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