A conversation with John Willinsky about public participation in the creation of knowledge

It was a great pleasure to speak with John Willinsky for this week’s ITConversations show. We refer to another podcast I mentioned here. As much as I hope people will listen to this week’s show, I think it’s even more important to hear that other one, which is a talk that Dr. Willinsky gave at the UBC Okanagan Learning Conference last year.

If you’re an educator planning an offsite meeting or workshop, I would strongly recommend that you use that time to do two things:

  1. Listen, together, to John Willinsky’s UBC Okanagan talk.
  2. Discuss it.


  1. I could not find the talk, directly, by following the link, but a little searching around the site brought me to this page, where a link to the .mp3 file may be found. (Note that there is a space embedded in the filename — this didn’t seem to cause problems with accessing the file.

    Just to be sure, Jon, this is the talk you meant, right?

  2. Reading over my comment, I realize I should have specified that I was speaking about Willinsky’s UBC Okanagan talk from last year, not the link to the recent podcast.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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