A conversation with Doug Kaye about PodCorps

Because of travel, last week’s ITConversations show was a rerun of my conversation with Lou Rosenfeld about a cluster of topics including information architecture, search analytics, print and online publishing, designing for usability, tagging, and microformats. This week’s show is a conversation with ITConversations founder Doug Kaye about his new project, PodCorps, which aims to connect producers of spoken-word events with stringers who can help get those events audio- or video-recorded and then published on the Web.

Here’s a fun fact I uncovered. Doug hadn’t heard of one of my favorite things lately, the LibriVox project. When I mentioned that Hugh McGuire cites AKMA’s collaborative recording of Larry Lessig’s Free Culture as a primary inspiration, Doug pointed out that he was the reader for the first chapter of that project. Small world!

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