Thinking about my InfoWorld friends

The blogosphere has pre-announced what IDG is now, as a result, “expected to confirm on Monday”: that InfoWorld will cease print publication. There will be plenty of time for fond remembrances of InfoWorld’s storied past, and for clever prognostications about its online future. But for now, as someone who’s loved and lost a magazine, I just want to say to my friends there who were blindsided and are losing sleep over this: Been there, done that, it’s no fun, good luck.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking about my InfoWorld friends

  1. It’s sad to see. I’ve been an InfoWorld reader for about 10 years, although I stopped receiving the print version a couple of years ago when I realized the issues were piling up and I could more easily focus my reading via the various digital delivery options.
    Still, the InfoWorld web site has become one of those that I love to hate, plagued by an abundance of advertisements of ever-increasing invasiveness. It now reminds me of one of the competitor sites that I have refused to visit for more than a year, Sys-Con (publisher of Java Developer’s Journal). I still read several of the daily/weekly InfoWorld newsletters and usually visit the accompanying web pages, but it will not take much more of the ad-focused format changes to push me over the edge and cease using InfoWorld as a resource altogether. Sad, because the content is usually of top quality.

  2. Jon,

    So few words for such good friends? Perhaps you would have written more from less comfortable quarters.

    jonnie savell

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