Installing Flash on Vista

I’ve been meaning to mention that on two different Vista boxes, the Flash runtime did not install in its usual seamless way. In both cases I wound up going to the Adobe website and installing manually from there. I believe I tried from both IE and Firefox, but I can’t remember for sure.

I promptly forgot about the issue, but heard about it recently from some other folks. Does anyone within earshot of this blog know what the issue might be?

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  1. Isn’t it something to do with Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (WPF/E)?

  2. Thanks, John, that’s very helpful.

    “1. Express Install – The Express Install will not run. The user will see the permission dialog box but answering “yes” will not initiate the install. This is due to a different security model being in place in Vista that changes local file access.”

    I believe that’s what happened to me on a Vaio that was upgrade from XP to Vista.

    I /thought/ the same thing happened on an HP to which I did a fresh install of Vista — the express install didn’t work, and I would up going to the download center and doing a full install from there.

    So my impression is that the recommendation, for now, should be to always do a full install. Does that sound right?

  3. I’ve been trying to install from the adobe flash cs3 dvd, but soon as it’s started on installing process, it keeps asking me to insert the dvd adobe flash cs3 professional. do you have any idea what it’s meant?

  4. Have come across this on some XP machines as well.
    Way I got round it was to Download the Flash Uninstaller, Uninstall Flash then Google Flash Version Checker.
    This then saw that Flash was not Installed on the machine and proceeded to Install the latest version.
    Hope this helps someone else cos it pee’d me off a bit at first.
    Good luck

  5. I have an HP Pavilion notebook with vista home premium and i’ve tried to install Macromedia Flash 8 on it but i can not manage to bet to the install window because when i run the setup file i receive the following message:
    “Failed to install ISKernel Files
    Make sure you have appropriate privileges on this machine
    Help :) …how can i install Flash on my computer? Is there any settings that i can change to get full administrator rights?

  6. Same thing ive probably tried to instal flash 9 something probably a hundred times, and it wont work. The dumb thing is it has worked on four other vista machines in the house. Ca

  7. I’ve also tried to install flash about 20 times with Vista,and still no luck. I see it as a program in my control panel but not in Start menu. Everytime I go to a website that requires flash I’m told I don’t have it on my computer. Can anyone help?

  8. I am running Vista 64Bit I have also been having problems Installing Flash Player. Evey online Installation will fail you, just as It has me. I needed Flash Player for some of my work but I also enjoy waching online footage such as Utube and the likes of that.

    I downloaded Flash and did a manual Install and It works fine now. When you get the download Instead of clicking the Exe to Install It. Right click the file and run It as Administrator. This has worked for me so It should work for anyone.

    If this works plese leave a comment.


  9. I know the topic is old but since the problem is still out there…What finally worked for me:
    Navigate to the following folder:

    Run “FlashUtil9f.exe” and then reboot as it requires. (I believe the “f” on the end of the above file is just a version and may vary as I’ve seen c and f)

    1. i have tried this. when i get to flashutil10k and right click to run as administrator it says quit or uninstall.
      what do i do from here?
      uninstalling would be kind of pointless

  10. I’ve tried installing flah 9 on vista and it doesnt work…I tried to right click the file and run it as Administrator but still no luck.

  11. Flash 10 is no improvement. It will still frequently not install (including on a 2 month old Dell XPS 1330 with Vista Premium).

  12. I have managed to install flash completely but can’t install shockwave correctly. I have tried on the adobe site and also with the .exe installer. I have a whole bunch of .swf files but can’t play any of them.

    Who knows what to do?

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