A conversation with Antonio Rodriguez about Tabblo, photo albums, and social networks

My guest for this week’s podcast is Antonio Rodriguez, founder of Tabblo, a photo site that’s used to create online photo albums that can be transformed into a variety of print formats.

Among the topics of discussion were:

  • How photo albums tell stories about key events in peoples’ lives
  • Strategies for archival storage of images
  • Strategies for organizing collections of images
  • The relationship between photo applications that live on the desktop and applications that live in the cloud
  • Whether people share their photos online, and if so, with whom
  • What Tabblo’s layout engine does, and how it might be extended
  • Automatic geotagging

We also revisited a topic we’d discussed earlier in the week, on a panel at the MIT Enterprise Forum. The question, also explored here, is: How might certain features of social networks, notably group formation, be factored out of invidual sites and made available in a more federated way?

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5 thoughts on “A conversation with Antonio Rodriguez about Tabblo, photo albums, and social networks

  1. Jon, I thought you did a great job leading this panel, and I found this extended discussion with Antonio quite interesting as well.

    I haven’t been following the Open Identity discussions closely, but the idea of open and distributed group formation and access control on top of that is intriguing. As a social web app designer, I’d love to see standardized building blocks for this kind of functionality–that would be a lot of complexity we don’t have to implement over and over. As a user, I’d love to see more consistency in the concepts and UI across the social web, so that I don’t have to do that tedious work over and over.

    On the other hand, I’d hate to see the UI for distributed group membership driven by an OASIS committee!

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