why and how

why how
0 Lessons learned building the elmcity service
1 The power of informal contracts How to make Azure talk to Twitter
2 The laws of information chemistry How to write an elmcity event parser plug-in
3 Twitter kills the password anti-pattern, but at what cost? How to explore and automate Twitter’s OAuth implementation
4 Personal data stores and pub/sub networks How to visualize an Azure table in Excel, using OData
5 The principle of indirection How to retry generically in C#
6 Developing intuitions about data How to parse name/value pairs in C#
7 A lesson in civics, public data, and computational principles How to search Google and Bing in C#
8 Heds, deks, and ledes How to search Facebook using C#
9 The iCalendar chicken-and-egg conundrum How to translate an OData feed into an iCalendar feed
10 How will the elmcity service scale? Like the web! How to parallelize a batch of HTTP requests using .NET 4.0’s Parallel.ForEach
11 Uniform APIs for the data web

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