Truth, files, microformats, and XMP

In 2005 I noted the following two definitions of truth: 1. WinFS architect Quentin Clark: “We [i.e. the WinFS database] are the truth.” 2. Indigo architect Don Box: “Message, oh Message / The Truth Is On The Wire / There Is Nothing Else” Today I’m adding a third definition: 3. Scott Dart, program manager for […]

“It won’t repro”

In a comment on an item last month about Photo Gallery, Mary Branscombe writes: I’m having an issue at the moment where renaming a file in Windows Live Photo Gallery seems to reset the date on the file so WLPG sees a file from May 2006 as having been taken today. Has anyone else seen […]

XMP and microformats revisited

Yesterday I exercised poetic license when I suggested that Adobe’s Extensible metadata platform (XMP) was not only the spiritual cousin of microformats like hCalendar but also, perhaps, more likely to see widespread use in the near term. My poetic license was revoked, though, in a couple of comments: Mike Linksvayer: How someone as massively clued-in […]