Kucinich in Keene

I went down to the bagel shop early this morning to have breakfast and read the NY Times. There’s a buzz, I look up, and it’s Dennis Kucinich. I’d heard he was in town today, but didn’t expect him here. He moves from table to table, introducing himself and chatting, and eventually makes his way over to me. What to say? That I admire him in certain ways but don’t think he’s a viable candidate? That I’m worried about the war, the economy, and the climate?

I stand up, shake his hand, and thank him for his visit.

Such is life in New Hampshire during the presidential primary season.

One thought on “Kucinich in Keene”

  1. I admire that which you have done story. I like the aspect where you say that you are doing this to give back again but I’d assume by all of the comments that this is working for you in the process.

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