A couple of weeks ago all the posts here became invisible. There didn’t seem to be anything I could have done wrong to cause that, so I wrote to the support team at WordPress.com about it. I got a prompt acknowledgement from Erica V. that something was, indeed, wrong. Soon after that she confirmed that the problem was fixed. That left me feeling pretty good about WordPress.com. It’s a free service, after all, I’m only a customer in a rather minimal way: I pay for domain name redirection and for the ability to edit my CSS file. Yet the customer service I received was outstanding.

Then, last week, something else went wrong. The widgets in the right column were getting bumped down by a post that didn’t belong in that column. I tried a few debugging strategies and then wrote to WordPress.com support again. Here was the prompt response from macmanx:

You’re all fixed up now. You had an extra div tag in “Meta-tools for exploring explanations,” but I removed it.

Oops. I know how to validate HTML and should have caught that myself. It’s not something I’d have wanted to bother the support team with. But they didn’t make me feel like a jerk. Again the problem was handled promptly and cheerfully.

You know, we tip for all sorts of services in the physical world, including ones delivered far less capably. Why not tip for excellent online customer service? If there were a tip jar for WordPress.com I’d have used it both times.